Cybersecurity training program…coming soon!

Cybersecurity training program…coming soon!

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The world is changing rapidly and so is the job market.  We’ve tried to stay ahead of the curve by helping our members and other interested parties stay informed of job opportunities in the booming technology sector and will continue to do so in the future. 

However, we recognize that right now one of the greatest opportunities for the advancement of our people, both on the island and throughout the mainland U.S., is to obtain and grow skills in the high demand field of cybersecurity.


Did you know that more than 200,000 jobs went unfilled in cybersecurity last year in the U.S. alone, which has grown to more than 1 million jobs worldwide!  Companies and governments alike need motivated, skilled individuals in this sector, and they’re willing to pay very well to find the talent they need. –Justin Vélez-Hagan, Executive Director


What’s more, although a background in computer science or engineering is beneficial, there are a number of certificate or other career training opportunities that do not require a background in computers, nor even a bachelor’s degree.

To do our part and advance career and employment opportunities, we are creating a program in conjunction with the University of Puerto Rico and other private parties to put together a world-class, in-class and distance-learning (online) certificate and advanced training facility that will connect you with the high-demand, high-paying jobs that you want and deserve.  

upr_logoInteresting in joining us?  Send us an email to, or add your name to our list here, and we’ll get you connected to our continuously updated resources and opportunities.  

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