FREE Book on Basic Economics for New Member/Donors

FREE Book on Basic Economics for New Member/Donors

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Hey, who doesn’t like free stuff?  Well, we sure do and we like to give it away too.  Well, mostly, we want to show our gratitude to our gracious donors in the upcoming holiday season, so . . .

For a very limited time, we are giving away a signed copy of our founder/Executive Director’s new book The Common Sense behind Basic Economics: A guide for budding economists, students, and voters.   Velez-Hagan Hi res cover image

The book aims to educate voters on the importance of understanding basic economics and related policies currently being debated in Washington and how they impact the entire country, with a humorous tone catered towards younger voters, especially within the Millennial generation. 

Chapter topics include explanations of the national debt, common economic myths, Federal Reserve policy, the importance of entrepreneurship, the reasons why the U.S. is a global economic leader, among others, along with a number of policy discussions related to current events such as the fiscal crisis in Puerto Rico.

“Economics doesn’t have to be boring, or all about complicated math equations.  It can be fun and something we want to be a part of.  It’s especially important with upcoming elections to have a basic understanding of the proposals of those seeking our vote,” said NPRChamber founder Justin Vélez-Hagan.

“Hispanics are disproportionately uninvolved in economics and young people are especially turned off when our leaders don’t explain policies in common sense and easy-to-understand language.  I hope to even the playing field with this book.  No more letting things slide because we don’t understand what’s going on. It’s time we do.”

Although available at national retailers online, Vélez-Hagan is donating signed copies of his book to all new NPRChamber member/donors.  More info available here:  

Not only do the books make great, educational Christmas gifts, but your gift is tax deductible!  Win-win-win!!  iWepa!

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